Murphy v Media Protection Services: not a clearcut victory

By Judith Townend (cross-post from Law Justice and Journalism)

One view seemed to dominate last night’s  City Law School event: the implications of the ECJ judgment in combined cases FA Premier League & Ors v QC Leisure and Murphy v Media Protection Services were unclear.

As Professor Lorna Woods, City Law School, wrote ahead of the event,

“The long-awaited Murphy judgment … has been heralded in the press as a triumph for David (in the form of pub landlady Karen Murphy) over Goliath (in the form of FAPL and Sky).  But is this really such a stunning victory, or is it a bit more complicated?”

Woods was joined by Jeremy Phillips, Intellectual Property Consultant, Olswang LLP, and blogger at IPKatDan Wilsher, Senior Lecturer, The City Law School; and Jonathan Griffiths, Senior Lecturer, QMUL School of Law, to discuss the case further, in a panel chaired by Professor Sir Robin Jacob, a specialist in intellectual property law.

Each took a different focus:  Phillips looked at licensing issues; Woods raised the issue of the overlapping Directives; Wilsher concentrated on the free movement of goods and services; and finally Griffiths took on copyright and reproduction.

A few of us were tweeting from the event: you can catch up with the liveblog here.

City Law School’s re-launched research blog can be found here:


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