International Commercial & Transport Law Group (ICTLG)’s Inaugural Seminar

The International Commercial & Transport Law Group successfully organised its inaugural seminar for students and researchers on 20th November 2013. The Aviation Law seminar was entitled: ‘The proliferation of domestic and regional air passenger rights regimes: a global regulatory response on the horizon?’, and was delivered by Dr Steven Truxal, Lecturer in Commercial, Contract and Aviation Law at City University London. Dr Truxal is a leading academic in Aviation Law and Regulation, having delivered lectures in universities around the UK and Europe, and with several highly regarded publications. His specialist research focuses on the issues surrounding competition and environmental regulation of air transport. His book, Competition and Regulation in the Airline Industry: Puppets in Chaos, Research in Competition Law Series, (Routledge, London & New York, 2012) has been acclaimed as an important contribution to research in this field.

In his seminar, Dr Truxal discussed the comparison between the international regime for air passenger rights and the EU policy approach, also highlighting aspects of the US regulatory framework. He considered whether the approach taken by international law instruments such as Montreal Convention 1999 is still ‘fit for purpose’ in the light of domestic and regional regimes, such as in the EU, often intersect and/or conflict with the Convention. Dr Truxal also explained that a recent call at the 38th Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization for core principles for consumer protection in contracts of carriage signals a possible future regulatory response on the horizon.

The seminar drew a large audience of undergraduate, postgraduate as well as research students and Faculty. Dr Truxal’s talk was followed by a vibrant discussion and provided a platform to analyse the potential future developments in Aviation Law. The ICTLG plans to organise more such events in the future, so please stay tuned!

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