Exceptions from EU movement law: Derogation, Justification, and Proportionality

Professor Panos Koutrakos, Professor of European Law at The City Law School has hosted a workshop on a cutting-edge topic of European Union law.  The workshop entitled, ‘Exceptions from EU movement law: Derogation, Justification, and Proportionality’ took place on 20th and 21st February.  It was organized jointly with Professor Niamh Nic Shuibhne from the University of Edinburgh and Dr Phil Syrpis from the University of Bristol. 

The aim of the workshop was to comprehensively examine a topical issue which is underdeveloped in scholarly analysis; to highlight both the transnational and national dimension of how States in the European Union seek to deviate from EU law in order to protect their national interests and to focus on the practice of national governments and national courts.  

To facilitate this, the organizers brought together an array of distinguished figures in the area of EU law. These included: 

– leading academics (Professor Steven Weatherill, Oxford; Professor Bruno de Witte, Maastricht and European University Institute, Florence; Professor Catherine Barnard, Cambridge; Professor Gareth Davies, Free University Amsterdam; Professor Daniel Thym, Konstanz; Professor Eleanor Spaventa, Durham; Professor Jukka Snell, Turku; Dr Dimitrios Doukas, Manchester; Dr Diego Acosta, Bristol; Dr Sara Iglesias Sánchez, Luxembourg).

– former and present judges of the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg (Sir David Edward QC and Allan Rosas)

 – practitioners (Aidan O’Neill QC and Malcolm Jarvis)

 – Government legal advisers (such as Sally Langrish)

The workshop was closed and the discussion took place under Chatham House rules, however, it will lead to the publication of an edited collection of essays by Hart Publishing (forthcoming in 2015).


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