Attorney General on Contempt

The Attorney General has recently given a speech on why contempt of court still matters, with particular reference to resrictions on the press in the Internet age. After balancing the needs of free speech and transparent justice against the needs of the administration of justice, the growth of the internet supported rather than undermined the … Continue reading


This Article 10 ECHR case is interesting as it gives further detail on the meaning of public person and also reaffirms the role of journalistic ethics in determining an outcome. The case concerned the report of an affair between a man (PN) who was married to but separated from a political reporter and OT, who … Continue reading

Lord Walker Lecture on an Evolving Law of Privacy

The UKSC blog carries a summary by Hugh Tomlinson of a lecture give by Lord Walker on ‘The English Law of Privacy – an Evolving Human Right‘. The lecture distinguishes the English apporach (influenced by Article 8 ECHR), which is highly fact sensitive, with the position in Australia and New Zealand and also considers the … Continue reading

Privacy Law- California

It should come as no surprise that Califonria, home to so many celebreties, is a US state that has concerns regarding the behaviour of paparazzi, especially when the Californian governor is a former film star who presumably has had experience of being on the receiving end of their attentions. In any event, another blog, Inforrm, … Continue reading UK Euro-myths reports that “UK-born euromyths echoed by Wikipedia”: After the British press misquoted European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani and the mistake was recorded on Wikipedia, the EU executive, faced with growing and permanent misinformation issues, is not ruling out addressing the issue of ethics in digital communications in its present mandate. See the full story … Continue reading

MOJ Proposes Reform of Libel

The Ministry of Justice has proposed to reform libel laws: The reforms will build on the work of the Libel Working Group, which was established by the Ministry of Justice in January to consider reforms to the law of libel and whose report is being published today. They will also build on responses to the … Continue reading

Eady Lecture Online

The lecture by Mr Justice Eady that launched the Centre for Law, Justice & Journalism last week is now available to view online here. Mr Justice Eady discussed the jurisprudence on Article 10 ECHR to a packed Oliver Thompson Lecture Theatre.

Launch of the Centre for Law Justice & Journalism

The Centre for Law Justice & Journalism will have its launch event on Wednesday 10 March 2010 when Mr Justice Eady will speak on ‘Protecting Free Speech in the context of the European Convention of Human Rights’. See here for more details.

PCC Reject Moir Complaints

by Lorna Woods The PCC has not upheld the complaint about reporting in the Daily Mail following the death of Stephen Gately (published the day before the funeral) which led to approximately 25,000 complaints based on insensitivity and homophobia. The complaint rejected was that brought by his husband Andrew Coyles. See here.

Media and Communications Law

The High Court has recently handed down a decision conerning anonymity of a blogger: the Author of a Blog v Times Newspapers (here’s a link to the case on BAILLI: The case concerned a police office who wrote a blog about his work, but did so anonymously. A journalist from the Times Newspaper worked … Continue reading